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Virtual Dressage Ride-a-Test Clinic     

OPEN DATE:  MAY 18, 2020                                   CLOSE DATE:  JULY 31, 2020

Clinic has been extended to the end of JULY!!!  

Here is your opportunity to improve your dressage test scores!  Make a video of yourself riding a test of your choice, upload to YouTube.  A judge will view the video, fill out a score sheet and an additional sheet with suggestions for improvements.   Scores sheets and suggestions will be emailed back to you once completed so you can view them alongside your video.

This clinic is open to professionals, amateurs and junior riders.  


·       Please follow your local guidelines or restrictions regarding social distancing.

·       An ASTM/SEI Certified helmet must be worn at all times when mounted.

·       Each test must be ridden from start to finish in one take with audio enabled so we may hear natural sounds and the caller (if used).  Test callers are permitted.  Coaching NOT permitted.

·       Dress and turnout is optional, show attire not required.

·       Arena does not have be a regulation sized but it must have letters visible.

·       Film from C, start the video before rider turns down centerline.  Zoom as appropriate so that you can see the ENTIRE horse and the arena letters on the ground or wall.  Judge needs to be able to see the entire horse at ALL times.

·       Upload your video to YouTube with your name, your horse’s name, and the test you rode.   Ensure your video is “public”.  (Example name: “SallyBurton Sully FirstLevelTest2”)

·       Email the link to your test(s) to NODA prior to the clinic close date ( or

·       You will receive your completed scoresheet and test comments back via email within 1 week.  

COST PER TEST RIDE:        $20 NODA Members       $25 Non-Members

       **   Don’t forget you can use your valuable NODA bucks to help pay for your clinic fee!  Must register by mail if using them.
       **   You may submit a maximum of two taped tests for this clinic.  If you submit two tests you will be scheduled with both


Download the entry form to enter by Mail. 

Enter online below via PayPal.

Prices: 1 test or 2 tests
1st Test Name including Level
2nd Test Name including Level

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